Tracking and Chargeback.

Information is power. Whether you want the ability to track usage for cost recovery or you want to report on print usage to influence user behaviour, the technology is readily available. This is an area where you can reduce environmental impact and save on the bottom line. Technology is not the challenge. What you need is someone to understand your business and select the right tools to support your goals. That’s our specialty.

Print tracking

Track and analyse printing use anywhere in your organisation by device, location, user, department, project code or client. Track black and white versus colour, track single-side versus double-side, track page size, print times and anything else that helps you to analyse and contain costs.

Cost recovery

Integrate automated cost recovery as part of the printing process. Sever the traditional link between users and specific printers. Now users can print on any device in your organisation and you can automatically capture and charge back printing to the appropriate user, department or client.

Secure proximity card release

Enable authorised sensitive documents with absolute security and no risk of other users getting to the printer first. Simply send to print, walk to a printer when you are next up and about, and use your secure building proximity card (or user ID code) to release your queued documents to print when you are standing in front of the printer.

Follow-me printing

Forget the hassle of constantly having to work out the name of the nearest printer and checking if you have the right drivers installed. With follow-me printing you can simply print a document to your organisation-wide print queue (even if in another office!) and then walk to the nearest printer, enter your user ID or swipe your building access card to print your queued documents on demand. Right there, right then, just for you. (…no more piles of uncollected printing).

Customised & environmental reporting

Reduce printing costs and environmental impact by providing users with meaningful information to influence their printing behaviour. For example, use printing usage to report on the number of trees used, greenhouse gas generation and energy consumption. Easily monitor and report on printing across your organisation with web-based reports and scheduled email reports. Automatically send reports to individual users and/or department managers. You can even automatically display this information on intranets and desktops.