Mobile Wireless Printing

Mobile, Wireless Printing.

With most users now having access to laptops, tablets, phones and other wireless devices moving location is easy. Sadly printing at those locations often is not. Even if you can find the nearest printer you often don’t have the right drivers or access rights.

The challenge is often even more frustrating when customers and suppliers visit and just want to quickly and anonymously print off a document for your meeting. Forum Print can solve all of that for you with mobile wireless printing.

Web-based printing

Enable wireless device users in the office, factory, school or university campus to use their own devices to print using a web browser without needing printer drivers or special authentication.

Print from visitors’ laptops

Mobile wireless printing is ideal for visitors’ laptops on site. Provide printing capability without needing to log onto the company or campus network.

Auto-locate printers

Using any wireless device, enable users to simply view your local print website to see a list of nearby printers or even integrate with sitemaps and floorplans.

Print from any device

Using your local print website, enable users to just click to upload the document(s) they need to print. No software, no drivers, no IT help. Just click to upload and print.

Monitor, track, chargeback

Your print website enables users to see where their document is up to in the print queue and enables you to track usage and if needed manage cost recovery by issuing user, group and guest user accounts.

No IT hassles

Many IT departments are understandably cautious about letting new users access your secure network. Web-based mobile wireless printing overcomes that with easy, safe and secure printing via any web browser without connecting to your network.