Pharmaceutical and Medical.

Streamline business processes and eliminate office downtime with a managed print solution from Forum Print.

Organisations within the pharmaceutical and medical industry have very specific needs when it comes to their business processes. Time is quite often a critical factor; therefore ensuring your organisation is at its most efficient is imperative.

Forum Print’s proactive approach to your print environment works to reduce and eliminate downtime by identifying and preventing issues before they cause your staff any impact. While our team works tirelessly to ensure your business runs efficiently, you and your people can focus on productivity.

IT Integration

Key to Forum Print’s offering in this space is our ability to draw on the expertise and capability of our IT partner, Forum IT. Further streamlining administration processes and simplifying document and record management, an integrated solution from Forum IT will ensure agility and security.

Given the importance of compliance and auditing requirements within the industry, data retention and cloud storage solutions are often crucial for pharmaceutical and medical organisations. Cloud solutions ensure providers are kept up to date with live information, minimising downtime and alleviating many of the risks involved in the dissemination of information.

Collaborating with Forum IT, we’re also able to architect comprehensive recording and reporting systems, whereby patient history and medical records can be accessed with accuracy and ease, helping to minimise risks associated with administering medications and procedures without prior patient knowledge.

Our Customers.