Forum Print delivers tailored solutions that empower legal institutions with an effective print environment that brings together all day-to-day applications and procedures in a manner that is efficient, safe and confidential.

Legal firms today are faced with a flood of information and variety of content. With the high volumes of paper used in the industry, having easy and secure access to documents is imperative. Forum Print makes storing information – both physically and digitally – more efficient and less labour-intensive for your people.

With the ability to offer the following, our managed print & document solutions can be customised to your firm’s unique needs.

Effective Print Environment

Taking control of your print environment will streamline office processes, alleviate administrative burdens and ensure greater cost efficiencies.

Tracking & chargeback. Track and analyse printing use anywhere in your organisation by device, location, user, department, project code or client. By taking control of your printing environment you’ll have complete visibility of the printing habits of your firm and be able to bill clients with accuracy and ease.

Document Management & Storage

Keeping your business running at its most optimum is critical; that’s why having a managed print partner who looks after your document management system and hardware needs is vital. With Forum Print, take confidence in knowing that you only have one supplier to deal with – a single point of contact to keep your business running.

In addition to providing an effective print environment for your business, Forum Print can also tailor solutions that can enable you to:

  • Effectively locate documents relating specific clients or cases
  • Integrate document management and workflow solutions to manage business processes from beginning to end, reliably connecting people and information wherever they are

IT Integration

Key to Forum Print’s offering is our ability to draw on the expertise and capability of our IT partner, Forum IT. We’re able to bring computing, network, and storage resources into an integrated IT platform that provides an interactive and compelling user experience for clients and employees.

Audit trail. Given the level of compliance within the finance industry, the need for data retention policies and the ability to store data within the cloud becomes of innate importance.

Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP). Provide rapid response times for data recovery and offsite storage, archiving and backup across three data centres. Continuity of business services is assured even during a system failure, recovering to earlier known states of applications in the event of data corruption, no matter the cause.

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