In an increasingly customer centric industry, insurers must re-examine their operations and streamline workflows to remain competitive and profitable. Better yet, they need to improve efficiency and drive customer satisfaction across all areas.

Our process, content and output management solutions work seamlessly to ensure your business can collaborate more effectively, simplify processes and enhance the customer experience.

Partnering with Forum Print will help your agency build enduring relationships with customers through technology. We’re experienced in implemented solutions that enable more highly targeted and effective communication, while ensuring compliance, reduced costs and enhanced customer experience. Our solutions can also be integrated across multiple offices & sites, providing the flexibility required to adapt to future growth and change.

A Managed Print Solution from Forum Print will:

Substantially reduce back–office costs

Allowing you to put focus back into your own core business.

Improve quality

Put in place quality document control measures to help you ensure that you are delivering consistent and effective services.

Increase operational efficiency

Gain visibility and control of your print spending. Free–up budget to use on key projects to improve overall business efficiency or build better customer relationships.

Simplify processes

Integrate automated cost recovery as part of the printing process. Save time and ensure accuracy with a chargeback solution that captures print history and information with ease, allowing your team to charge by appropriate user, department or client.