Financial Services.

Forum Print are specialists in providing seamless, end-to-end processes that help financial firms reduce back office costs whilst making you more responsive to customer needs.

Document Management & Storage

Effective document management relies on fast, reliable access to information.

Given the high volumes of paper used in the financial industry, storing information securely and efficiently is crucial. Your teams require easy access to documents – both physically and digitally.

Keeping your business running at its most optimum is critical; that’s why you need a managed print partner to look after your document management system and managed print solution for all your hardware needs as well. So you can be confident that you only have one supplier to deal with and a single point of contact to keep your business running.

Forum Print provides an extensive range of solutions and applications that can transform a workforce through better collaboration and improved efficiency.

  • Digitise document-intensive processes to make back office processes and communication with customers more efficient and less costly
  • Manage a high volume of documents and information, such as credit card applications, account applications, or loan applications at greater speed and lower cost
  • Manage information flows to enhance communication with customers
  • Allow customers to access your services via multiple channels, whenever and wherever they want

IT Integration

Key to Forum Print’s capability is our ability to bring computing, network, and storage resources into an integrated IT platform that provides an interactive and compelling user experience for clients and employees.

Audit trail. Given the level of compliance within the finance industry, the need for data retention policies and the ability to store data within the cloud becomes of innate importance.

Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP). Provide rapid response times for data recovery and offsite storage, archiving and backup across three data centres. Continuity of business services is assured even during a system failure, recovering to earlier known states of applications in the event of data corruption, no matter the cause.

Hosted exchange solution. By introducing a cloud-based email solution, your communication needs are taken care of.

Video conferencing. With the introduction of sophisticated video technology, financial organisations can conduct business across offices with latest in corporate grade, high definition video conferencing solutions.

Our Customers.