Education & Training.

Given the rapid transformations taking place in the education space, institutions are now looking at new ways to interact and communicate with users. Partnering with Forum Print will help to improve the delivery of document services, whilst reducing costs and the need to engage with multiple suppliers.

Our solutions encompass back–office support and services, campus and student administration, the support of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategies and facilitate remote learning capabilities – all while protecting student confidentiality and privacy.

Control & charge for student printing

Manage printing behaviour with pre-defined print rules for students and staff. For example, easily restrict colour printing access to staff only. Configure pop-up alerts to users asking ‘would you like to print duplex?’. Assign print quotas and scheduling, easily charge users for printing or chargeback to department codes. Integrate print management with student or library cards or use separate print ‘top-up’ cards. Plug in to point of sale (POS) and other cashless charge management systems.

Web ordering

Reduce administration overheads for routine materials by using electronic forms to provide students with web-based self-service ordering for school and university collateral, printing card credit top-ups, canteen accounts, uniforms, fundraisers, books and events.

Managing wireless laptop printing

Enable students and staff to use their own wireless devices to print using a web browser without needing printer drivers or special authentication. Mobile wireless printing is ideal for student owned laptops and netbooks on campus.

Automated testing and grading

Automate marking of multiple-choice examinations with barcode and optical mark bubble sheet recognition. Use a hosted solution or on-premise solution to suit your IT infrastructure needs. Scan and retain original papers for database retrieval for spot-checking and dispute resolution. Access powerful web-based reporting tailored to your specific marking workflow needs.

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