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Electronic Forms.

When your organisation produces or processes large volumes of stationery, forms, invoices and statements, electronic form processing can deliver remarkable efficiency gains. You need a solution that takes the best technology and tailors it precisely to suit your business processes.

That’s what we do.

Replace pre-printed stationery

Save print costs without sacrificing quality and presentation. Fill out form fields online and output directly to print. Replace archaic, misaligned line printers and expensive pre-printed stationery with high quality laser printed electronic forms that are server based, printer-embedded or a combination of both.

Output to print, email, fax or file

Don’t limit yourself to paper. With electronic forms you can capture customer, patient, invoicing or project data and then output to print, email, fax and file in any combination you like. All with professional quality and workflows designed to make it easier for you to manage information.

OMR, barcodes and MICR

Process forms faster with optical mark recognition (OMR) to automatically read completed checkbox fields, and optical character recognition (OCR) for barcoding and MICR scanning.

Integrate output from any system

Already have a system for invoicing, patient records or other electronic information? Great! Simply plug and play to add enhanced electronic form printing options that save time and money.