Document Management

Document Management.

Whatever your document workflow, we can customise the latest technologies to improve efficiency, control business responsiveness and reduce costs. We understand the technology. We know what is possible. And we know how to tailor a solution that is just right for your business.

Integrate document workflows

Use cost-saving technologies to integrate workflows for document scanning, import, index, audit, archive and retrieval.


Manage business-critical documents with solutions that enable you to know for each document who created it, when it was created and when it was updated. Track this for the entire document and/or keyword meta-data indexing.

Optical character recognition and barcode recognition

Automated document recognition and processing of forms, using optical character recognition (OCR) to read text in scanned documents, and optical mark recognition (OMR) to read checkboxes, or bubble sheets for automated testing and grading. Barcode recognition is used to bulk scan and index documents, streamlining document management, saving data entry, and digitally integrating files straight into your business systems.

Library services

Simplify team collaboration on any business content with your own online document libraries. Use check-in check-out for minor and major version control and change history. Link within documents and cross-link between parent and child documents. Use the same system to manage documents, images, video and audio recordings. Encourage multi-site collaboration on content with automated document status alerts, tagging and search – all in an easy-to-access online library service.

Security and user management

Easily configure user access to define who can access which documents and what level of changes they can make. Set access rights for users, groups and roles. Define access for entire libraries or specify security settings down to individual document level. Integrate with existing logon procedures with single sign-on through Windows

System integration

Extend the document management capabilities of your existing systems to adapt to your organisation’s particular workflows. Integrate your documents with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, SharePoint and other intranets.

Document storage

Offsite physical document storage – Forum Print provides a secure archiving facility for all of your paper-based records. The physical documents are tagged and stored in a specific location. Requests can be made to retrieve a particular document, if required, and supplied back to you as a scanned document. Alternatively, these physical documents can be bulk scanned, archived and available to retrieve electronically; online and on-demand. After scanning, the physical documents are still retained.

Cloud storage and back-up – Highly accessible and searchable online storage is available for managing any volume of day-to-day electronic document development.